Zoopla Advert – Falling Picture Frame

Zoopla’s new TV advert takes us inside the recently acquired flat of Tia and Jake, a couple who, up until recently, had been living with Jake’s parents.

The ad gives us an idea of why the pair chose to move into the flat as it shows a wall moving, causing a picture and its frame to fall on to the floor. Either Tia and Jake are making the most of their newfound privacy, or they chose a flat right next to a railway line.

This Zoopla advert is voiced by the British actress, comedian, and writer Diane Morgan, who often appears on TV as her comedy persona Philomena Cunk.

Song Title: Alone.
Band: Heart.
Download From: Amazon UK.

The air guitar, classic rock track that provides this Zoopla advert music is the 1987 song ‘Alone’. The track was recorded by the American rock band Heart, it peaked at number 3 on the UK singles chart and it features on their ninth album ‘Bad Animals’.

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