Zombie Kiss Chewing Gum Advert – Wrigley’s Extra, Orbit ‘Time To Shine’

Although the name of the chewing gum this ‘Zombie Kiss – Time To Shine’ commercial promotes might vary in different countries, from Orbit to Freedent, here in the UK it advertises Wrigley’s Extra.

The video shows a guy debating whether or not he should kiss a zombie girl, who convinces him by pointing out that she’s “kinda hot”. Although I have no doubt the actress herself looks great normally, made-up in this commercial to look like a zombie, ‘hot’ is perhaps open to interpretation.

Song Title: Bedroom.
Artist: Litany.
Download from: iTunes or Amazon UK.

This ‘Zombie’ Wrigley’s Extra chewing gum advert song is a tune called ‘Bedroom’ and was released in 2017 by the 24-year-old English singer Beth Cornell, who’s better known by her stage name, Litany. This track is taken from the Harrogate artists ‘4 Track EP’ album.

5 March 2019

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