Yves Saint Laurent Libre Advert with Model & Singer Dua Lipa

French fashion, beauty and perfume brand Yves Saint Laurent promote their new Libre women’s fragrance with the help of British model and singer Dua Lipa.

The Kosovo-born singer-songwriter is seen wearing an open front black dress while walking over a bridge, where Dua is joined briefly by an eagle. We then watch the 24-year-old popstar dancing and standing on a beach as the tide rushes in. This YSL advert video concludes with the word LIBRE in large flaming letters.

Song Title: I’m Free.
Singer: Dua Lipa.
Download the Rolling Stones version from: Amazon UK.

As you’d expect, with this ad starring a successful recording artist, Dua Lipa is also the one providing these 2019 YSL Libre advert song vocals. The music is her new cover of the Rolling Stones 1965 hit ‘I’m Free’ which hasn’t been released for download.

16 August 2019

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