YSL – Y New Fragrance – Everything Starts with a Y

YSL Advert – Video, music and artist details to Yves Saint Laurent’s ‘Everything Starts with a Y’ TV commercial for Y, The New Fragrance.

Song Title: The Isle Of Arran.
Musician/Rapper: Loyle Carner.
Download From: iTunes, Amazon.com and Amazon UK.

Yves Saint Laurent introduces their new fragrance Y with this ad campaign that stars model, sculptor and photographer David Alexander Flinn, AI researcher Alexandre Robicquet and hip hop artist Loyle Carner.

The film asks the questions “Why follow old paths when I can create new ones?” and “Why have dreams if I can’t fulfil them?”, then finishes with the slogan “Everything starts with a why”.

Providing the soundtrack to this TV advert is one of its stars Loyle Carner, with the English rapper performing his song ‘The Isle Of Arran’.

This track is taken from Carner’s 2017 debut full album ‘Yesterday’s Gone’, which samples S.C.I. Youth Choir’s gospel song ‘The Lord Will Make a Way’.

The above full length directors cut version of this Yves Saint Laurent commercial was posted to the official YSL Beauty YouTube channel on the 28th of August, 2017 and is now airing on TV.

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