YOPA Advert Song – A Sign Of The Times

YOPA Advert Music 2015 – Singer and song information for YOPA.co.uk’s new ‘A Sign Of The Times’ commercial.

Song Title: It’s Over.

Artist/Singer: Roy Orbison.

Available To Download Via: Amazon and iTunes.

The less than cheerful tune used in YOPA’s new ad is bluntly titled ‘It’s Over’.

Probably not great listening material for anyone already feeling a bit down, the track is performed by the legendary American singer-songwriter Roy Orbison.

The Big O released It’s Over back in 1964, when it went on to reach number 1 in the UK singles charts. This was the same year the sunglasses wearing musician brought out the more famous track ‘Oh, Pretty Woman’.

Far from being a one or two-hit wonder, Orbison recorded many other hit singles during his career, including ‘You Got It’, ‘Crying’ and ‘I Drove All Night’.

This new ad for YOPA.co.uk signals that, for traditional high street estate agents, the end is not near, the end is here.

Together with the songs appropriate lyrics, this message is conveyed visually by hundreds of for sale signs (one being chewed by a dog) leaving their respective gardens to begin living rough. Watching the end of the advert, I can’t help but wonder exactly what wooden sale posts burn to keep warm, each other?

If you’re wondering what the heck kind of name YOPA is, and what it has to do with selling houses, it actually stands for Your Online Property Agent.

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