BBC World Cup 2018 Trailer

BBC Sport have just released their official launch trailer for the 2018 FIFA football World Cup, stating that ‘History Will Be Made’.

Rather than sticking with BBC Sport’s recent trend of bringing out a CGI promo, this video is actually made up of individually embroidered frames, put together to create a unique, living tapestry-style of animation.

The advert recreates some of the tournaments most iconic and controversial moments, before finishing with Messi and Ronaldo charging towards each other.

Advert Music
Song Title: Ochi Chernye.
Musicians: London Metropolitan Orchestra featuring Sir John Tomlinson.

The soundtrack to this BBC trailer is a Russian song called ‘Ochi Chernye’ (Dark Eyes), with this version, which was arranged by Alex Baranowski, having been recorded by the London Metropolitan Orchestra.

Although this version hasn’t so far been released for download as a full single, that may well change soon, as it seems unlikely it was recorded exclusively for this BBC Sport advert and World Cup 2018 TV coverage theme music.

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