Wonga Advert Music – ‘Hamster Wongability’ Flexi Loan Ad

Wonga Advert Music 2016/2017 – Song details for the payday loan companies new 3 month Flexi Loans ‘That’s Wongability’ TV ad.

Song Title: Tarzan Boy.

Singer/Band: Baltimora.

Available For Download From: iTunes and Amazon.

Wonga’s latest TV advert features a song called ‘Tarzan Boy’ by the Italian new wave/disco group Baltimora. This very 80’s sounding track was unsurprisingly released in 1985.

Tarzan Boy was the groups debut single and scored Baltimora a number 3 hit on the UK charts, along with a number 1 in both France and the Netherlands.

Now fully established as one hit wonders, this track proved to be the bands only single to make it into the British charts.

Wonga’s commercial explains their new 3 month Flexi Loans service using the analogy of a hamster in a ball. Trapped with no way out and wishing you’d never got in to it you ask? No, it’s actually to demonstrate how one of their loans can give you a helping hand to get over life’s little obstacles, obviously.

According to the advert, the service allows customers to repay in 3 manageable steps, with a representative APR of 1,261%.

The above ‘Wongability – 3 month Flexi Loans’ video was originally posted to Wonga.com’s official YouTube channel on the 6th of April, 2016, before being re-posted in January, 2017.

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