Weight Watchers Advert Music – Lose 10lbs in 8 Weeks

Weight Watchers UK Advert Music 2016 – Band and song information for the weight loss brands new ‘Healthy Living Your Way’ TV and YouTube commercial.

Song Title: Let’s Go Surfing.

Artist/Band: The Drums.

Available For Download From: Amazon and iTunes.

Well it wouldn’t be the New Year without a new Weight Watchers advert, and 2016’s campaign offers viewers to chance to live healthy their way.

The song featured in the ad is called ‘Let’s Go Surfing’ and is performed by American indie-pop band The Drums.

Taken from the groups self-titled debut album, the track was initially released for download in September, 2009, before being re-released in August, 2010. Enjoying fairly modest success in the UK singles charts, Let’s Go Surfing formed half of a double A-side release with the song ‘Don’t Be A Jerk, Johnny’.

According to the commercial, Weight Watchers have now created a whole new programme that’s all about you, promising to fit into your life in a way that works for you.

In a promotion I don’t entirely understand, the company are so confident in the programme’s effectiveness, if you lose 10lbs in the first 8 weeks, they’ll give you your money back. Wouldn’t that normally be lose 10lbs in the first 8 weeks, or you’ll get your money back? I guess Weight Watchers hope their members desire to get their cash back will drive them to lose the first 10lbs, thus encouraging them to stick at it in the hope of losing more.

With somewhat harsh timing, the above ad was uploaded to Weight Watchers UK YouTube page on the 25th of December, 2015.

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