Weetabix Advert Music – Incredible Inside

Weetabix TV Ad Music 2016 – Band and song details for the breakfast cereal’s current ‘Incredible Inside’ advert.

Song Title: My Country.

Musicians/Band: Tune-Yards.

Available For Download From: Amazon and iTunes.

The soundtrack to Weetabix’s new TV and YouTube advert is provided by the New England music project Tune-Yards. Taken from the groups 2011 album Whokill, the song is called ‘My Country’.

Though you only hear an instrumental section in the ad, the full length track does include lyrics.

One of the bands later tunes ‘Water Fountain’, was recently used in Argos’ commercial for their Same Day Fast Track Delivery. As we mentioned when covering that ad, Tune-Yards are an experimental American folk-pop band, led by singer and multi-instrumentalist Merrill Garbus. The groups creations incorporate elements of R&B, pop, folk and worldbeat.

Weetabix’s advert, which was posted to their Food Co YouTube channel on the 1st of February, 2016, shows us a sequence of fast and repetitive video clips, demonstrating all the things you can get up to when you feel ‘Incredible Inside’.

Between the clips we’re told: You have an incredible body. Your bones are once for once, stronger than steel. Your brain processes 11 million bits of data every second. Your body is incredible. What you put in it should be too.

As with previous Weetabix videos, the ad finishes with a brief voice-over from Sir Tony Robinson.

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