Watchmen Sky Atlantic Trailer – Song by Roy Orbison

Sky Atlantic are now promoting their latest superhero TV series Watchmen with an ‘It’s Only Just Begun’ advert that’s currently airing regularly on Sky’s network of channels. The UK TV start date for Watchmen has now been officially announced as Monday the 21st of October, 2019, with the time slot set for 9:00pm.

Trailer Song Title: Running Scared.
Artist: Roy Orbison.
Download From: Amazon UK.

As the lyrics suggest, this HBO & Sky Atlantic Watchmen advert music is a song titled ‘Running Scared’. This piece of music was released in 1961 by the American singer-songwriter Roy Orbison and featured the following year on the artist’s ‘Crying’ album.

We weren’t able to find an official Sky Atlantic video upload of their latest Watchmen advert, only their earlier ‘Life On Mars’ version, so we posted HBO’s video that uses the same Running Scared soundtrack.


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