Watch Dogs 2 Trailer Song – ‘Undeniable’ 2016 TV Commercial

Watch Dogs 2 Trailer Soundtrack – Artist and song details for Ubisoft’s official launch commercial to their upcoming PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC game.

Song Title: Undeniable.

Artist/Rapper: Donnie Daydream feat. Richie Sosa.

Available To Download From: iTunes, and Amazon UK.

UPDATE: Since the release of this launch trailer, there’s also been a new version made for TV, this time featuring the song ‘Stronger’ by Kanye West. You can check out that video at the bottom of this page. End of update.

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Video game developers Ubisoft have now revealed this impressive-looking launch trailer for Watch Dogs 2, which is due to be released for consoles on the 15th of November, 2016 and for PC on the 29th.

The soundtrack to the commercial is a song called ‘Undeniable’ by Donnie Daydream and featuring Richie Sosa. The track was released for download back in March of 2015 and was previously used in a commercial for Adidas.

The squeal to Ubisoft’s hit 2014 third-person open world action-adventure game, Watch Dogs 2 takes place in a fictionalised version of San Francisco.

After wrongly being profiled as a criminal risk by a citywide operating system, Marcus Holloway discovers widespread corporate corruption and manipulation of the cities citizens.

From there, Marcus and his group of hackers known as DedSec, go on to wage war on the system in their fight to return power to the people.

The above extended version of the launch trailer was uploaded to YouTube on the 9th of November, 2016 and is so far proving very popular amongst viewers.

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