Aldi Christmas Advert Music – Let Me Entertain You

Kevin The Carrot shows off his singing voice, which sounds remarkably like Robbie Williams, in Aldi’s Christmas advert video after evading Brummie baddies the Leafy Blinders.

Thanks to inside operative Tiny Tom, who appeared to have infiltrated the gang, Kevin is able to make his getaway from the Leafy Blinders and their leader Russell Sprout. From there Aldi’s carrot character makes his way with Tom into a giant circus-style tent where he belts out a version of ‘Let Me Entertain You’ that’s been packed with plenty of Christmas and vegetable puns.

Song Title: Let Me Entertain You.
Singer: Robbie Williams.
Download From: Amazon UK.

Either Robbie Williams is providing Kevin The Carrot’s singing voice for this year’s Aldi Christmas advert song, or Kevin’s been providing Robbie’s singing voice all these years. The music is a reworded cover of ‘Let Me Entertain You’.


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