Walkers Crisps Christmas Advert – Mariah Carey

From Gary Lineker to the Spice Girls and now singer Mariah Carey, Walkers Crisps appear to be working their way up the celebrity ladder, possibly peaking with this new Walkers Christmas ‘Too Good To Share’ TV advert.

This commercial video shows the American singer and actress wearing a sparkly red dress while recording a music video in a studio. Once filming is all wrapped up Mariah starts giving out presents to members of the cast and crew, but she certainly isn’t willing to share a bag of Pigs in Blankets Walkers Crisps.

After an elf refuses to let go of the snack, the singer unleashes one of her trademark high notes that instantly makes the actor let go. But as it’s Christmas the diva generously hands back a single crisp for him to enjoy.

Advert Song: All I Want For Christmas Is You.
Singer: Mariah Carey.
Download From: Amazon UK.

The Walkers Crisps Christmas advert song is, of course, Mariah’s festive hit ‘All I Want For Christmas Is You’ that she released back in 1994. Yes, it really was that long ago. The single became a number 1 hit in many countries but surprisingly only made it to number 2 on the UK charts and number 3 on the US Billboard Hot 100.

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