Walkers Crisps Advert – Snack Stash – Song by Elvis Presley

This brand-new TV advert for Walkers Crisps promotes their Monster Munch, Quavers and Wotsits as being “Too Good To Share” and says “Sorry, Kids”.

The ad video shows adults going to great lengths to hide packets of Walkers Crisps from youngsters in their secret ‘Snack Stash’. The ad finishes with the tagline “Must Be Walkers”.

Song Title: So Close, Yet So Far (From Paradise).
Singer: Elvis Presley.
Download From: Amazon UK.

As you may well have already guessed from those distinctive vocals, this Walkers Crisps advert song is performed by Elvis. Titled ‘So Close, Yet So Far (From Paradise)’, The King recorded this piece of music as part of the soundtrack to his 1965 film Harum Scarum, which was released here in the UK as Harem Holiday.

22 July 2019

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