Walkers Crisps Advert – ‘Agadoo’ Bring It Back Commercial

Song and band details for Gary Lineker’s new TV campaign to bring back some of the countries favourite crisp flavours. #‎BringItBack

Who are the group in the current Walkers Crisps advert and what’s the name of the song?

Song Title: Agadoo.
Band/Singers: Black Lace.
Download From: iTunes or Amazon.

Joining Gary Lineker in the new Walkers Crisps ad are West Yorkshire Europop band Black Lace. The soundtrack to the commercial comes courtesy of the groups most famous song ‘Agadoo’. First released in 1984, Agadoo remains Black Lace’s biggest hit single, reaching number 2 in the UK charts. But before you label them as one-hit wonders, you should realise this was also the band behind other such novelty tunes as ‘Superman (Gioca Jouer)’ and ‘Do The Conga. Not all bad then eh?

The advert shows ex-footballer Gary Lineker strolling along the seafront while telling us about Walkers’ campaign to bring back some of Britain’s old favourites. Clearly not referring to Black Lace, the Match of the Day host is in fact talking about some of our most popular crisp flavours such as Beef and Onion, Cheese and Chive, and Barbecue.

Simply purchase a packet of Walkers, vote for you favourite old flavour, and the most popular variety will return. As a little extra incentive for getting involved, there’s also £100,000 to be won.

In typical Lineker fashion, the ad ends with his annoying party crashers getting dispatched in cartoon violence-style fashion.

According to the Worthing Herald, the advert was filmed on the 23rd of June, 2015, at Worthing Beach. The finished video was then uploaded to the Walkers Crisps YouTube channel on the 2nd of September.

See just how the commercial was filmed in this special behind the scenes video, including an interview with Gary Lineker and the lady inside the pineapple, Amy Thake:

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