Waitrose Advert – Pick Your Own Offers

Waitrose Advert M- Singer and song details for the supermarkets new ‘Pick Your Own Offers’ TV ad.

Waitrose’s first new advert of the year features the song ‘Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday (I Love You)’. Over the years this tune has been recorded by a number of different singers, including Kitty Kallen, Hildegarde, Gossling and Emma-Louise Birdsall.

Song Title: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday (I Love You).
Artist/Singer: Betty Driver.
Available For Download Via: Amazon and iTunes.

However, the version you hear playing in this commercial is sung by the former Coronation Street actress Betty Driver, who played the role of Betty from 1969 to 2011.

This latest advert from Waitrose, which was added to YouTube on the 20th of January, 2016, tells us about the companies new ‘Pick Your Own Offers’ promotion.

In a refreshing change to having the supermarket dictate which products we can get a discount on each week, Waitrose are now letting its customers do the choosing. From a range of hundreds, you can now select your ten favourite items, on which you’ll receive a regular 20% off.

Considering most of us have at least ten products we buy on a regular basis, this could prove a very handy deal. Though it will depend on exactly what stuff you can add, you obviously stand to save more money on the more expensive items, even if you don’t buy them quite so often.

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