VW Tiguan – Car Karaoke

Video and music info to Volkswagen’s ‘Car Karaoke’ advert for the latest incarnation of their Tiguan SUV.

Song Title: I Believe In A Thing Called Love.
Original Singer/Band: The Darkness.
Available To Download Through: Amazon and iTunes.

VW UK’s ad for their new Tiguan SUV sees a family of four take part in a little of their own carpool karaoke, with mum, dad and both the kids enthusiastically playing their parts. The families song of choice on this occasion is ‘I Believe In A Thing Called Love’, a hit single in 2003 for British glam rock band The Darkness.

With singer-songwriter Justin Hawkins and his attention-grabbing falsetto on lead vocals, combined with a music video that didn’t take itself too seriously, the track went on to reach number 2 on the UK singles chart.

Volkswagen’s ‘Car Karaoke’ advert was uploaded to the companies UK YouTube page on the 22nd of December, 2016.

Believing in a thing called stress-free driving, the video finishes with the on-screen slogans: ‘Shared Music Playlists. Live Traffic Updates’, ‘Technology to improve your journey’ and ‘We make the future real’.

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