VW Tiguan – ‘School Run’ Volkswagen SUV Commercial

Artist and song info for the new ‘Cool. Calm. Connected’ Volkswagen Tiguan TV and YouTube ad.

Song Title: Hip Hop.
Group/Rappers: Dead Prez.
Available To Download From: Amazon and iTunes.

Volkswagen UK’s latest advert for their Tiguan compact SUV includes a track from 1999 that’s simply titled ‘Hip Hop’. The song is performed by the American hip hop duo Dead Prez and features on the groups debut studio album ‘Let’s Get Free’.

Originating from Brooklyn, New York and Tallahassee, Florida, Dead Prez formed back in 1996 and consist of rappers M-1 and stic.man.

VW’s ad for the all-new Tiguan shows a number of kids getting embarrassed as their apparently uncool parents drop them off for school. That is until one girl arrives with her dad in the latest Volkswagen SUV.

With ‘Hip Hop’ blasting from the cars sound system and the Tiguan’s auto parking feature being neatly displayed, it seems this girl has one very cool father, right up to the point he goes in for a fist bump. This 60-second version of the commercial was added to Volkswagen UK’s YouTube channel on the 23rd of May, 2016 and is already racking-up an impressive view count.

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