Volkswagen – I’ll Be Your Home ‘Then Now Always’

Singer and song details for Volkswagen’s brand-new ‘Then. Now. Always.’ TV and YouTube commercial.

Song Title: I’ll Be Your Home.
Musician/Singer: Phillip LaRue/Inland Sky.
Download The Song From: iTunes and Amazon.

Starting off with the lyrics ‘You’ve been searching, your whole life’, Volkswagen’s latest TV ad features a song called ‘I’ll Be Your Home’. The track is performed by the Nashville-based singer/guitarist Phillip LaRue. Taken from the musicians second solo album ‘You’, the song was released for download on the 13th of November, 2015. Other songs on the LP include ‘Carry You’, ‘Memories’ and ‘Sweet Love’.

This nostalgic advert, which was added to Volkswagen UK’s YouTube channel on the 3rd of February, 2016, shows a man’s progression through life and the part VW’s cars play in it. We first see him as a baby in the back of an original Beatle, as he appears to watch his slightly older self pull up along side Back To The Future-style.

Showcasing such classic VW models as the Golf and Scirocco, the video ends with our man grown-up and driving the latest Touareg SUV. The film finally comes full-circle as we see a child sat in the back, chewing on the same fluffy toy his father had at the beginning.

Phillip LaRue – ‘I’ll Be Your Home’ Full Song (Audio)

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