Volvo XC90 Commercial Music – The Parents

Volvo’s latest commercial for the XC90 promotes the SUV as “The car that looks after you, like you look after others”.

The TV advert shows new parents struggling to keep their young children safe and under control at home, where they dare not takes their eyes off them for a second.

But once the family is inside the XC90 it’s now their Volvo that’s keeping all of them out of trouble, in this instance thanks to the vehicle’s Standard Cross Traffic Alert.

Song Title: Hard Times In The Mill.
Singer: Pete Seeger.
Album: American Industrial Ballads.
Download or Preview at: Amazon UK.

The music playing in this Volvo XC90 advert is a song from 1956 called ‘Hard Times In The Mill’ that’s performed by the American folk singer Pete Seeger.


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