Volvo V60 – The New Family Model

Volvo TV Advert – Video, music and singer details to the ‘Protect What’s Important To You – The New Family Model’ television commercial for the new Volvo V60.

The Swedish car manufacturer showcase their new V60 estate in this latest TV ad campaign and, whether or not you’re a fan of Volvo’s cars, you’ve gotta admit they make pretty good adverts and never disappoint when it comes to the soundtrack.

Being a company that prides itself on the safety of it vehicles, it makes sense that they create these types of ads, which remind viewers of what should be the most important factor when choosing a new car: How well it can protect family, friends and yourself when travelling in it.

Volvo V60 Advert Music 2018
Song Title: If You Got Somebody Waiting (Acoustic Version).
Singer: Joel Alme.
Download From: iTunes or Amazon.

The very fitting and emotional song playing in this ad is an acoustic version of ‘If You Got Somebody Waiting’. Volvo stick with their tradition of choosing Swedish artists for their commercial soundtracks, with this tune being performed by Gothenburg-based musician and singer Joel Alme.

Featuring the lyrics “If you find someone good. Stays when others leave. That cares for you, that fights for you. You better stay with someone, stay straight with you”, this track was originally released back in 2010. However, likely recorded especially for this Volvo campaign, this acoustic version was only just released for download this June.

The full length 60-second version of this ‘The New Family Model- Protect What’s Important To You’ V60 ad video was posted to the Volvo Cars YouTube channel on 9 June, 2018. A shorter version of this advert that is currently airing during UK television ad breaks uses the same soundtrack, but just an instrumental section of the song instead.

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