Volvo Advert – Someone To Lean On – Major Lazer Cover

The music playing in this new ‘For Their Future’ 2020 to 2021 Volvo advert, which is a cover of a song by Major Lazer, tells us “All we need is someone to lean on”.

The commercial promotes Volvo’s current line-up of plug-in hybrid SUV’s that have been designed to protect children now, and for their futures. This is through a combination of the car’s safety features to protect kids while riding in them, and their Plug-in Hybrid Electric technology to reduce pollution and improve their longterm health.

Towards the end of the ad we’re shown a message making the impressive claim that “From now on, every new Volvo model will be electrified”.

Advert Song Title: Lean On (cover).
Artists: Squeak E Clean Studios (feat. Kit Conway).
Download Major Lazer’s Version From: Amazon UK.

This ‘For Their Future’ Volvo advert music is a cover of a song titled ‘Lean On’, a tune that was released in 2015 by the Jamaican-American dance music production trio Major Lazer, along with the French producer DJ Snake and Danish vocalist MØ.

Sounding rather different to the original, the cover version of Lean On we hear playing in this Volvo advert was recorded by Squeak E Clean Studios and Kit Conway, who’s a singer-songwriter, and guitarist with the NYC indie-rock band Stello.


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