Volvo – ‘Human Made’ First We Understand, Then We Make

Watch the full length version of the Swedish car manufacturers new ‘First We Understand. Then We Make – Human Made’ TV commercial.

Song Title: Hands.
Musicians/Composers: Goldstein.

Showcasing a selection of cars from the current Volvo range, this brand-new TV advert gives viewers a look at some of the manufacturers most pioneering technology and design.

Being a Volvo commercial, the film of course includes clips of their cars being driven through a snow-covered country landscape.

Mixed in with this footage though are insights into the existing materials and technology that’s inspired Volvo’s designers and engineers over the years, to influence the creation of vital safety features like seat belts, to convenient luxury options like remote engine starting.

Update: The soundtrack to this advert was recorded especially for Volvo by the British music and sound consultancy company GOLDSTEIN.

The track itself is called ‘Hands’ and is unlikely to be released for download as a full length song. End of update.

The above 90-second version of this ‘First We Understand. Then We Make – Human Made’ commercial was posted to the official Volvo Car UK YouTube channel on the 3rd of March, 2017.

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