Volvo Advert – Born To Be Wild – Music by Natalie Taylor

This new TV advert from Volvo asks viewers “Has summer ever been so important?” and tells us “Let’s keep it safe” in a video that’s set to a chilled-out cover of ‘Born To Be Wild’.

Providing this latest Volvo advert song is female vocalist Natalie Taylor who we hear performing a slowed down and relaxing cover of rock band Steppenwolf’s hit ‘Born To Be Wild’.

Song Title: Born To Be Wild (cover).
Singer: Natalie Taylor.
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The Canadian-American group released their original version back in 1968 and it then famously featured a year later on the soundtrack to the road drama film Easy Rider.

Natalie Taylor is an American singer-songwriter whose biggest hit so far was her 2015 single ‘Surrender’ which recently gained popularity due to its use on the video-sharing service TikTok, which itself has seen record downloads during lockdown.

We so far haven’t been able to find Natalie’s version available to download, but if previous Volvo advert music is anything to go by, there’s a good chance that could change at any time.


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