2021 Voltarol Advert Music – To Love Somebody

In this new ‘Joy of Movement’ 2021 TV advert for Voltarol 12 Hour Joint Pain Relief Gel we see a Grandpa applying the product to his knee to stop pain preventing him from doing some of the things he loves.

Later in the week, after putting the Voltarol 2.32% Gel on, the gentleman heads out into his garage to restore and rebuild a classic motorcycle and sidecar.

The 30-second commercial concludes with our man taking his granddaughter, who appears to be played by the same young actress from this Natwest advert, for a ride. We then see the message “It’s not just movement. It’s cruising with the best”.

Many people have been searching to find the name of the actor playing Grandpa in this Voltarol advert. So far we haven’t been able to discover the gentleman’s identity, but if we do we’ll update this page with the relevant details.

Song Title: To Love Somebody (Bee Gees cover).
Artist: MassiveMusic.
Album: N/A.
Download The Original From: Amazon UK.

The music you hear playing during this Voltarol advert is a cover of the Bee Gees song ‘To Love Somebody’, the original of which was released back in 1967.

Providing the cover version here are the international creative music agency MassiveMusic, but as it was recorded for this Voltarol ad, it’s very unlikely to be released as a full-length single.
Featuring the lyrics “There’s a light. A certain kind of light. That never shone on me. . . You don’t know what it’s like. . . To love somebody, the way I love you”, another cover of this song is currently providing the soundtrack to this Renault Captur commercial.

I’m not sure if there are any issues with permission or if they just want to sound unique, but for some reason, ad agencies appear reluctant to use the excellent original version of To Love Somebody, instead choosing to commission covers especially for their ads.

Luckily though this song has such a great melody and lyrics, all these covers still sound good enough to catch your ear during TV ad breaks, which after all is the main purpose of an advert’s soundtrack.


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