Volkswagen Golf – Passenger ‘We Make The Future Real’ VW

Soundtrack and singer details to the ‘Simple Gestures – We Make The Future Real’ internet and TV ad for the new Volkswagen Golf.

Song Title: The Passenger.
Artist/Singer: Iggy Pop.
Available For Download From: Amazon and iTunes.

To promote their new Golf and its latest gesture control technology, this advert from Volkswagen shows examples of the many ways hand movements are used to control others. Starting out with an orchestra and its conductor, we then see a mother using her hands to encourage a young child taking its first steps and a police officer directing city traffic.

From there, the classical music is swapped on the VW Golf’s stereo for something more uptempo, using a simple hand gesture.

The song that comes on in the later part of this TV ad is ‘The Passenger’, which was released as a single back in 1977 by the energetic American singer-songwriter and musician Iggy Pop.

Featuring the lyrics ‘I am the passenger. I ride through the city’s back sides.’ the song is taken from Iggy’s ‘Lust for Life’ album.

This 30-second ‘We Make The Future Real’ commercial first appeared on the Volkswagen UK YouTube channel on the 21st of March, 2017 and is already being promoted by VW on Twitter. Iggy Pop’s The Passenger previously featured in another car advert nearly 20 years ago, that time for the Toyota Avensis.

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