Vodafone Martin Freeman Advert – No Roaming Charges – The Wedding

Vodafone Advert 2017 to 2019 – Video and background music details for the mobile phone networks new ‘Wedding – Power To You’ TV commercial, starring actor Martin Freeman.

Song Title: Can’t Take My Eyes Off You.
Original Singer: Frankie Valli.
Available For Download From: Amazon and iTunes.

Vodafone’s new advert promotes the fact their customers are now able to use their phones in 110 destinations with Global Roaming, just as they would back home. The ad sees actor Martin Freeman attending a wedding abroad, where he warns a fellow guest not to upload her video to the internet due to the huge costs, unaware of Vodafone’s no roaming charges policy. Martin Freeman plays this comedic character perfectly as he inadvertently puts his foot in it, allowing the newly married couple to overhear him complaining about the cost of attending the ceremony.

For even more comedy, check out Martin’s ‘Excuse’ video below, where he justifies his actions, points out the couple only heard him because the band stopped the song early, then reaffirms his point about it being expensive to get out there.

It’s this great sense of comic timing that first made Martin a star in The Office and his character Lester Nygaard so great to watch in season 1 of Fargo. The song we just about hear the band playing in this advert is ‘Can’t Take My Eyes Off You’, which was originally recorded in 1967 by the American singer Frankie Valli.

Vodafone UK No Roaming Charges ‘The Hat’

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