Vodafone Christmas 2015 – ‘Flying Without Wings’ #TerryTheTurkey

Vodafone Christmas – Video, group and song details for the mobile phone networks #TerryTheTurkey TV commercial.

Song Title: Flying Without Wings.
Band/Singers: Westlife.
Available For Download Via: Amazon and iTunes.

So no prizes for recognising the soundtrack to this one, with Vodafone choosing the very appropriate ‘Flying Without Wings’ by the Irish boyband Westlife. Combining humor and even a little emotion, the phone companies 2015 Christmas ad centres around Terry The Turkey and his festive fate.

After the Dad of a family buys a turkey to raise for Christmas dinner, along with his own house in the garden to live in, this birds destiny appears to be already written. However, as time goes by, Terry gradually works his way into the kids hearts and becomes another member of the family.

Now all grown up and seemingly spending most of his time living in the main house, winter closes in and it appears to be all over for this turkey.

Well that wouldn’t make much of a feel good Christmas Advert now would it? With Terry ending up sitting at the dinner table, rather than on it, the feelings of guilt have proved too strong. The Dad then instead decides to cook up a more humane nut roast for the family to enjoy.

Having watched the ad, I couldn’t help but wonder if the real-world fate of all the Terry’s who starred in the video will be quite so pleasant. According to Vodafone though, the eight turkeys who appeared in the ad are now living happily on the Farm Animal Rescue Sanctuary in Warwickshire.

The #TerryTheTurkey advert was added to the official Vodafone UK YouTube channel on the 26th of November, 2015 and is already airing during TV ad breaks. I’m not sure of the cast members names, but the mum of the family looks to me like Doc Martin actress Jessica Ransom.

Flying Without Wings was the third single released from Westlife’s debut self-titled album, reaching number 1 in 1999 in both the UK and Ireland charts. Could the song’s inclusion in the Vodafone campaign lead to a renaissance in 2015? Louis Walsh will likely be hoping so.

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