Vodafone Home Broadband

Song details to Vodafone’s new Home Broadband App TV commercial. The instrumental piece of music you hear playing in Vodafone’s Autumn home broadband ad is simply called ‘Anthem’.

Song Title: Anthem.
Artist/Composer: Pete Hammerton.

The song was made for the advert by the London-based recording company, Wake The Town. At the time of writing this, the tune doesn’t appear to be available for official download. This new TV ad from Vodafone introduces the companies new home broadband service and demonstrates some of its handy features.

Controllable via an app, users will have the ability to remotely select what time the internet connection goes off. This may prove a great weapon in the war against kids staying up all night surfing and gaming.

In addition to letting you chose who can access the internet and when the software also allows a particular device to receive signal speed priority. Vodafone also claims their broadband set-up is able to follow your device as you move around the house, boosting your Wi-Fi signal as you go.

The above video was added to Vodafone UK’s YouTube channel on the 15th of October, 2015, and quickly began airing during TV ad breaks.

The mobile phone network giants venture into home broadband will now put it in direct competition with the likes of Sky, BT, Plusnet, and Virgin Media.

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