Vodafone – ‘Yes’ 30 Day Network Guarantee

Artist and song info for Vodafone’s ‘Yes – 30 Day Network Guarantee’ YouTube and TV ad.

Song Title: Bom Bom.
Artist/Band: Sam and the Womp.
Available For Download From: iTunes and Amazon.

Vodafone’s TV ad for their new 30 Day Network Guarantee features an up-tempo song called ‘Bom Bom’. The track is performed by the British group Sam and the Womp, who are led by trumpeter Sam Ritchie and the Dutch-born singer-songwriter Bloem de Ligny. Bom Bom was released in August, 2012 as the groups debut single and went straight into number 1 on the UK charts.

Vodafone have so much faith in the quality of their networks coverage that they’re now willing to give customers 30 days to test the service for themselves.

The advert shows a group of guys travelling around Britain to see just how good the signal is, from the most remote rural and coastal locations, to built-up inner-city areas. Clearly happy with his signal, the guy consistently says “Yes” in approval.

Understanding that many people may be reluctant to sign-up to a long-term contract without trying it out first, Vodafone now gives customers 30 days to cancel their deal after upgrading or joining, should they not be completely happy with the network.

The above ad was posted to Vodafone UK’s YouTube channel on the 18th of April, 2016 and is currently airing regularly on TV.

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