Vodafone – Fibre Home Broadband ‘I Feel Free’

Music and singers details for Vodafone UK’s new Unlimited Fibre Home Broadband internet and TV ad campaign. Vodafone UK’s latest advert reveals that the companies unlimited home fibre broadband service is now available to customers with no additional line rental changes.

Song Title: I Feel Free.
Singers/Band: Cream.
Available For Download From: Amazon and iTunes.

The soundtrack to this ad comes courtesy of the British rock band Cream and their 1966 single ‘I Feel Free’. For those who don’t know, supergroup Cream consisted of singer/bass player Jack Bruce, drummer Ginger Baker and of course singer/lead guitarist Eric Clapton.

When I first saw this ad from Vodafone I thought great, a chance to make some big savings with no more need to pay line rental just to use broadband. Unfortunately though, the reality perhaps isn’t quite as good as it first appears. After a little research, it seems you’ll still be paying for line rental, just not as a separate item on your bill.

What’s actually happening is that instead of having one fee for broadband and one for line rental, both new and existing customers will now effectively have them combined into one simple figure.

This change has come about due to alterations in the Advertising Standards Agency’s rules, which from later this year, will not allow broadband companies to exclude line rental charges from their main advertised fees. Therefore you can expect to see the likes of Sky, BT, Virgin, Talk Talk and the rest of the competition making similar changes in the coming months.

The above 40-second commercial was posted to the official Vodafone UK YouTube channel on the 12th of August, 2016.

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