Vodafone – ‘A Happy Bus Journey’

Vodafone 4G ‘A Happy Bus Journey’ Power To You Commercial.

Song Title: Be Good.
Artist/Singer: Max Brodie (feat. Tom Rosenthal).
Now Available To Download From: Amazon and iTunes.

Uploaded to their official YouTube channel on Wednesday the 19th of August, 2015, this latest advert from the mobile phone network features a brand-new song made especially for the ad.

The song was originally being called ‘The Bus’, before receiving its official title of ‘Be Good’. The track was composed by Max Brodie and is sung by London based singer-songwriter Tom Rosenthal.

The track was originally unreleased as a single when the ad first began airing on TV, but since the 26th of August it’s become available for download. No sign of an official music video as yet though.

Other tracks from Tom Rosenthal include ‘Take Care’, ‘As Luck Would Have It’, ‘Take Your Guess’, ‘Outerspace Mover’ and ‘Run for Those Hills, Babe’. His 2015 album ‘Bolu’ is available to download from Amazon and iTunes.

Lyrics from the song featured in the ad go something like this: ‘Oh we’re here to save the day, we are going on our way. Light it up and let us go. To the stars and to the moon, start it up we’ll be there soon. Turn it all around, flip that frown upside-down.’

With a crying baby on a bus full of disapproving passengers, a couple sat behind use their Vodafone 4G service to cheer the child up. By using Now TV to stream an episode of Nick Jr.’s Dora the Explorer to their phone, the pair quickly quieten down the youngster, much to the relief of their fellow passengers.

If you’re wondering who the two main actors in the ad are, I believe the redhead woman is theatre actress Meghan Treadway, but I don’t know who plays her male partner.

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