Vodafone Advert Music – Come Together

While the country practices social distancing and self-isolation during the coronavirus outbreak, this 2020 Vodafone TV advert encourages us to ‘come together’, but of course not in the physical sense.

Instead, the mobile phone network and broadband supplier looks to keep the UK connected even when we’re physically apart so that even these extreme circumstances can’t stop us from being together.

Featuring the type of video footage we’re getting more and more used to seeing these days, this Vodafone advert shows people communicating and staying in touch with lots of video calls. There’s also plenty of video streaming going on as families keep themselves entertained while staying at home.

Song Title: Come Together (Live Beatles cover).
Artist: Rockin’ 1000.
Download From: Amazon UK.

This #KeepingTheUKConnected 2020 Vodafone advert music is a live cover of the Beatles song ‘Come Together’.

The version playing in the ad was recorded by a group of rock musicians from around the world who’re collectively known as Rockin’ 1000. The name comes from the fact that their line-up is over one thousand members strong.

The original version of this tune was recorded by the Fab Four back in 1969 as the opening track of their ‘Abbey Road’ album. Come Together was also released with the song ‘Something’ as a double A-side single.


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