Vision Direct Advert – ‘A Pug’s Christmas’ Full Length YouTube Video

Vision Direct Christmas Advert 2015 – Watch Gizmo the Dog star in the full length version of the new ‘A Pug’s Christmas’ TV commercial.

Just when you thought all the best 2015 Christmas adverts had been released, along comes Vision Direct with TV’s newest canine star Gizmo the Pug.

Set to an instrumental version of ‘Silent Night’, we get to enjoy watching the festive adventures of this adorable, glasses-wearing doggie.

I can honestly say that the first time I watched this, I genuinely laughed out loud when Gizmo broke his glasses trying to fit through the cat flap. Despite his young owners repeated efforts to fix his four-legged friends spectacles, it becomes increasingly clear they’re just not doing the job.

This fact is dramatically demonstrated when the little Pug goes straight through some thin ice, having not seen the ‘Danger, Thin Ice’ sign. Presumably this was his vision at fault here and nothing to do with any lack of reading ability – due to being a dog.

It’s at this point that the ad takes an apparently tragic turn, with Gizmo having seemingly succumbed to the freezing water. Why were his glasses being placed on the mantelpiece? Why did he not run to the door when the post came? Why was he not in his basket? Things weren’t looking good.

Fortunately though this story has a happy ending. It turns out Gizmo was simply warming himself up on the sofa, while he waited for the delivery of his new contact lenses. Nice one Vision Direct. The video was added to the companies UK YouTube channel on the 1st of December, 2015.

I’m not sure if this is the same Pug who played Benji in Currys – PC World’s ‘Somebody’s after a laptop’ video, or the one who stars in ASDA’s ‘Dogs Christmas Jumpers’ advert. If it is the same dog, he has a tremendous acting range.

If you enjoyed the ad, you should also take a look at this very amusing behind the scenes video:

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