Vision Direct Advert Music – Pug Holiday

Vision Direct Advert Song 2016 – Soundtrack information for the eye care and contact lens retailers new ‘Gizmo’s Summer Adventure’ commercial. #PugHoliday

Artist/Singer: Rhiannon Mair.

Following on from last years ‘A Pug’s Christmas’ commercial, Gizmo the Pug returns to our screens for a summer adventure.

This latest advert for Vision Direct shows the adorable dog off on holiday where, while his owner Emma orders a fresh set of contact lenses, he sneaks off for a romantic date on the beach.

The song featured in the ad is performed by the Colchester-based indie rock singer and musician Rhiannon Mair. We’re not currently aware of the tracks title or if it will be released for download as a full song. We’ll let you know if we hear more on that in the coming weeks.

You can search for the music Rhiannon Mair has already released on Amazon and iTunes.

Some of the lyrics we hear Rhiannon singing in the extended version of the advert are: ‘Would you, mind if I told you, how much I’d like to, know you better. Would you, mind if I showed you, how happy we are when, we’re together. Do you think maybe we, could spend some time. Just you and I, just like they write, in the movies. Picnics on the beach, strolls by the sea. Just like they write, just you and I, in the movies. So let’s rewrite that perfect scene, each book and film, every story I’d read. . .’

The above video and its shorter edits were posted to Vision Direct UK’s YouTube channel on the 15th of June, 2016. You can also watch a special behind the scenes video right here:

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