Virgin Trains – Spandau or Speedcore, Train Vs Car

Video and music details for the rail companies new Decision Time ‘Train Vs Car, Spandau or Speedcore’ TV ad.

Main Song Title: True.
Artists/Band: Spandau Ballet.
Available To Download From: Amazon and iTunes.

This latest Virgin advert sees a lady named Valerie weighing up the two options of how she could get to her interview, either by train or car. To help get across how they see a journey on their trains as a relaxing experience, in contrast to a far more stressful route by road, Virgin compare the train to Spandau Ballet and going by car to high tempo speedcore music.

The Spandau Ballet song featured in the ad is ‘True’, which the British new romantic band released back in 1983.

Written by Gary Kemp, True became a number 1 single on the UK charts and even provided the group with a number 4 hit in the US.

Following on from their previous ‘Bound For Glory’ campaigns, this 30-second ‘Train Vs Car’ video was added to the Virgin Trains YouTube channel on the 12th of June, 2017.

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