Virgin Media Seal of Approval Advert Music

Just when you think Virgin Media TV adverts cannot get any crazier, the brand takes things to a whole new level this year.

This time a lady discovers the Virgin Media sale while browsing The Evening Gazette, noticing deals on lightning-fast broadband. All perfectly normal stuff until a floating seal appears in the woman’s living room to offer its seal of approval, which I’m not totally convinced is officially recognised.

A male actor then enters the room seemingly mesmerized by the seal. The guy’s appearance then surprises the seal, causing it to lose the power of levitation and crash through the coffee table. Now there’s a sentence I didn’t think I’d be writing today.

Song Title: Dernier Métro.
Artists: The Pirouettes.
Download From: Amazon UK.

This particular Virgin Media advert music is an instrumental section of a track called ‘Dernier Métro’ that was released back in 2014 by an electro-pop band from France called The Pirouettes, taken from their album ‘L’importance des autres’.


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