2021 Virgin Media Advert – Gaming Love Story – Music by Karl Zine

Two online gamers, Jade and Jake, embark on a gaming love story adventure in this Virgin Media 2021 advert that’s titled ‘Faster brings us closer’.

Since the ad’s original launch, Virgin Media have now released this extended 3-minute version of the commercial that’s been released for Valentine’s Day:

This Virgin Media ad begins with an actor playing a video game in which his character’s wheelchair transforms into a futuristic aircraft.

While playing the game, the guy gets defeated by a young woman’s avatar, before he asks if she wants to team up and the relationship begins, eventually leading to a slightly nervous video call. All this online gaming and video calling in the advert are of course possible thanks to Virgin Media.

So who needs dating sites and apps when you can find your soulmate while gaming in your bedroom? At least you know you have similar interests and something to talk about. Just be sure that the other person is who they say they are.

Since this advert’s release, there’s been a follow-up ad airing on TV that promotes the latest iPhone on Virgin Media 5G and shows the pair out together in a real-world park.

What’s the music in this Virgin Media advert?

Song Title: Greenscreen.
Artist: Karl Zine.
Album: Hyper.
Download or Preview at: Amazon UK.

This 2021 Virgin Media advert song is a piece of music called ‘Greenscreen’ that was released last summer by London-based musician and producer Karl Zine.

5 March 2021

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