Vimto Advert Music – #TOADOFF Vimto Remix

Vimto Advert Song – Artist and music details for the new Vimto Toad Remix YouTube and TV ad. #TOADOFF

Song Title: Do You Really Wanna Do This.

DJ’s/Rappers: Box Bottom feat. Dubble A Star & Nat Jay.

Now Available To Download From: iTunes and Amazon.

This brand new Seriously Mixed Up Fruit advert for Vimto Still and Vimto Still Remix includes a just-released track from DJ Box Bottom.

Featuring Dubble A Star and Nat Jay, the song is called ‘Do You Really Wanna Do This’ and became available for download on the 1st of June, 2016.

Some of the tracks lyrics that we hear in the advert go a little like this: ‘You don’t know me, do you really wanna do this? Get out my lane, you’re in my game. You’re in my game.’

Not to be mistaken for the Crazy Frog, this TV ad features fruit drink mascot the Vimto Toad. This time though the purple Vimtoad is joined by a new toad in town, the orange mixtoad. Destined to clash, this confrontation leads to the inevitable Toadoff.

This great looking, colourful and generally well produced CGI video was posted to Vimto’s official YouTube channel on the 3rd of June, 2016.

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