Heinz Ketchup Advert Song – I Like It

Here’s a look at the new advert that’s ‘Celebrating 150 Years of Heinz’ and more specifically ‘150 Years of Clean Plates’.

Taking us back in time and then up to the present day, this ad video shows a wide variety of meals and snacks being eaten with a serving of Heinz tomato sauce, and often very generous helpings at that.

Song Title: I Like It (The Ketchup Song).
Artists: Mike And Bernie Winters.
Download The Original Version From: iTunes & Amazon UK.

This latest Heinz advert music choice will have likely been a very easy selection for the commercial’s creators. Titled ‘I Like It’ this vintage-sounding jazz tune is also known as ‘The Ketchup Song’ and was released for download in 2015 by Mike and Bernie Winters.

5 March 2019

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