Victorian Plumbing Advert Song – ‘Out Of This World’

Victorian Plumbing Advert Music 2015/2016 – Band and song details for the ‘Bathrooms That Are Out Of This World’ TV commercial.

Song Title: Woo Hoo.

Artist/Singers: The’s.

Available To Download From: iTunes and Amazon.

The new Autumn and Winter 2015/2016 ad for Victorian Plumbing includes the track ‘Woo Hoo’, which is performed by Japanese rock group, The’s.

Released for download in 2004, this tune is a cover of The Rock-A-Teens 1959 rockabilly song of the same name.

The’s are a three-piece band from Tokyo, known for regularly covering US rock and roll songs.

As well as having previously been used in adverts for Carling larger and Asda’s clothing line ‘George’, The’s version of Woo Hoo famously featured on the soundtrack to the 2003 Quentin Tarantino movie ‘Kill Bill: Vol. 1’.

Victorian Plumbing’s TV ad gives us a look at some of their new products, including the Carlton Bathroom Suite, the Cruze Bathroom Suite, and the latest range of baths, taps and designer showers. Featuring a fleet of flying vans, the commercial promises ‘Bathrooms That Are Out Of This World’.

The above video was uploaded to Victorian Plumbing’s YouTube channel on the 19th of October, 2015, and is due to air on TV channels throughout Britain.

Despite the obvious similarity, it should be noted that Victorian Plumbing is not the full length name of Victoria Plumb. The two are in fact separate rival companies.

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