Very Christmas Advert – ‘Wolf’ Get More Out of Giving Christmas Advert – Watch the full length version of Very’s new animated ‘Get More Out of Giving’ festive TV ad campaign, starring a little girl and her toy wolf Ulfie.

Song Title: Anna & The Wolf.
Composer: Guy Farley.

Very’s new animated Christmas TV advert follows a generous girl, as she spreads festive joy by giving out presents to those around her.

Then going to sleep that night snuggled up to her toy wolf Ulfie, she dreams of venturing through a nighttime snow-covered landscape with a fully grown Ulfie, before the pair get separated on a frozen lake.

Thankfully though, her little wolf is rescued by Santa and returned to her in the glowing pink box in time for Christmas morning.

The music playing in the ad is an original piece of music titled ‘Anna & The Wolf’, which was composed especially for Very by British musician Guy Farley. Anna & The Wolf has not been released for download as a full single.

With a running time of 90-seconds, the above ‘Get More Out of Giving’ video was posted to the YouTube channel on the 2nd of November, 2017.

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