Very Christmas Advert – Feel The Love

The brand-new animated Very Christmas advert is now here for you to watch, telling a heart-warming festive story and featuring a choir performing a cover of Rudimental’s ‘Feel the Love’.

This year’s CGI ‘Get More Out of Giving’ TV ad from tells the story of a small community coming together on their street to give a lonely elderly man called Sydney a special present and company this Christmas. As the snow falls outside, the video finishes with Sydney enjoying a festive party indoors in the warm with his friendly and generous neighbours.

Song Title: Feel The Love (cover).
Singers: The Margate Social Singing Choir.
Download The Rudimental Original From: Amazon UK.

This 2019 Very Christmas advert music is a new cover of a song called ‘Feel The Love’ that was originally recorded back in 2012 by English drum and bass band Rudimental, featuring soul vocalist John Newman.

Featuring the lyrics “You know I said it’s true. I can feel the love, can you feel it too? I can feel it ah-ah”,’s seasonal ad features an emotional, slowed-down cover of the tune performed by the female and male vocalists of The Social Singing choir of Margate. You can watch the choir recording their cover and hear some of their stories in this ‘Our Christmas Choir’ video from Very’s official YouTube channel:

We had been hoping that a full-length version of Feel The Love by the Margate choir might be released for download as a single, but so far we haven’t found it. We’ll update this page if we learn any new information about a release. One thing we are pretty sure of though is that this Very advert airing regularly during TV ad breaks will create a demand for such a single.

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