Very Christmas Advert – ‘Get More Out of Giving’

Very Christmas Advert Music – Video, song and composer details for’s new ‘Get More Out of Giving’ festive YouTube and TV ad campaign.

Song Title: The Gift of Giving.
Musician/Composer: Michael Sajic.

Watch the full length 90-second YouTube video:

When you think about impressive, big budget Christmas TV adverts, you normally consider the likes of John Lewis and Sainsbury’s, or even Littlewoods, House of Fraser and M&S. But getting in earlier this year with a great looking animated ad are online retailer

Featuring the new Very tagline ‘Get more out of giving. Get more out of everyday’, the film shows a lady spreading a little Christmas joy as she makes her way home from work. Accompanied by a flying winged heart, the woman magically gives out lots of little pink present to everyone around, with there even one reserved for Father Christmas himself.

But as she floats up above the earth, the lady wakes up to realise it was all just a dream. Although with a pink present on the bed and a little flying heart accompanying her daughter as she awakens, was it really all a dream?

The appropriately magical soundtrack playing is called ‘The Gift of Giving’ and was created by the Brighton-based award winning young composer and multi-instrumentalist Michael Sajic.

Given the song’s title and the fact Michael already has a well-established background in TV advertising musical compositions, I think it’s fair to assume The Gift of Giving was recorded especially for Very’s commercial. With this in mind, it’s unlikely the song will be released as a single for download, but you never know.

Throwing down the gauntlet to all the big brands and retailers in this years best Christmas TV ad competition, this extended 90-second version of the advert was uploaded to the YouTube channel on the 3rd of November, 2016.

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