Very Advert – It Starts with a Box – Song by Ruelle

This newest TV advert from shows how lots of life’s key moments involve boxes and their contents, with the new Very campaign featuring the tagline ‘It Starts with a Box’.

Be it unpacking all your stuff from them when moving into a new property, using one to make a pretend car, putting your vote in one during an election, or opening one up to reveal a sparkling engagement ring when you pop the question.

Song Title: Where We Come Alive.
Singer: Ruelle.
Download From: iTunes or Amazon UK.

Opening with the lyrics “I can see the future”, this Spring Very advert song is titled ‘Where We Come Alive’. The pop music track was released last year by American pop singer Ruelle, who has also recorded singles under her real name, Maggie Eckford. If this artist’s voice sounds familiar to you, that may be because another of her songs, ‘Game of Survival’, provided the opening theme music to the BBC’s recent nature documentary series Dynasties.

9 March 2019

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