Very – Do More This Autumn

Video, music and singer details to the new ‘Do More this Autumn – Amaze More, Laze More’ YouTube and TV Ad.

Song Title: Shake Rumble and Quake.
Artist/Singer: Bonti (feat. Latif).
Available For Download From: iTunes and Amazon.

Very’s latest ad campaign encourages viewers to do more this autumn and in particular, to amaze more and laze more. The advert shows a woman getting ready to go out, trying on a number of outfits in front of who I assume is either her daughter or younger sister, before later settling down for an evening in on the sofa and then a long soak in the bath.

The name of the song used in this Very advert is ‘Shake Rumble and Quake’ and is performed by Bonti, featuring Latif.

If you’re wondering why you haven’t heard of this track before, that’s probably because it was only released for download as a single on the 2nd of September, 2017.

This ‘Do More this Autumn – Get More Out Of Every Day’ video was posted on the same date to the official YouTube channel, with the advert premiering on TV that same night.

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