Very Advert – Monster Alien Princess

Here’s the new ‘Being Yourself’ Very TV advert which, having clearly been filmed before coronavirus lockdown measures and school closures were introduced, shows a Dad compromising with his monster-loving daughter over her princess party costume.

After receiving an invitation to a princess-themed party, the girl’s father suggests the usual kind of dresses that are available to order online. However, the guy’s daughter has something very different and non-traditional in mind: a monster alien princess costume.

So with outfits like that not easy to find off the hanger, the actor instead orders a sewing machine from and gets to work on what turns out to be a rather professional-looking monster princess costume.

We haven’t so have been able to identify the piano music playing in this Very advert or who recorded it, but we’ll update this page if we discover the song or artist’s name.

11 April 2020

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