Vauxhall Mokka – Life Ready

‘Life Ready’ Vauxhall Mokka Ad – Song details for the August to September TV Commercial.

What’s the name of the song from the new Vauxhall Mokka advert and who’s it by?

Song Title: Be Brave.
Performers/Singer: The Strange Boys.
Download From: iTunes or Amazon.

The track featured in the current Mokka ad is called ‘Be Brave’ and it’s performed by American rock band The Strange Boys. The song is taken from the groups 2010 album, also called ‘Be Brave’.

The Strange Boys are a six-piece, Texas-based band comprised of lead singer Ryan Sambol, guitarist Greg Enlow, bassist Philip Sambol, saxophonist Jenna E. Thornhill DeWitt, backing vocalist Tim Presley and drummer Mike La Franchi.

Uploaded in February of 2010, you can watch the tracks official music video at the bottom of this page.

The ad itself demonstrates some of the Vauxhall SUV’s key features, including intelligent 4 wheel drive, a whisper-quiet diesel engine, adaptive forward lighting and integrated bike rack.

In a scene that’ll have all keen cyclists shaking their heads, this last feature is used to drive two riders up a scenic climb despite having no obvious mechanical issues. Now where’s the fun and satisfaction in that? No doubt they’d politely decline any offer of a lift down the hill.

Anyway, when used more appropriately this gadget could well prove a big selling point, particularly amongst city based mountain bikers.

The Strange Boys ‘Be Brave’ Official Video

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