Vauxhall Crossland X – Pyjama Mamas

Vauxhall Advert – Video, music and artists details to Vauxhall’s ‘Pyjama Mamas’ TV ad for the new Crossland X SUV. #PyjamaMamas

Following calls last year asking for parents not to do the school run in their pajamas and a Tesco stores apparent request for their shoppers to do likewise, this ad from Vauxhall hits back at those pyjama haters.

Song Title: Pajamas All Day.
Musicians/Rappers: HardNox.
Available To Download From: Amazon and iTunes.

As those more traditionally dressed citizens look on disapprovingly, these ‘pyjama mamas’ take care of business with little regard for what others think, while making light work of the school and shopping runs thanks to their Crossland X.

This is an interesting advertising strategy from Vauxhall, apparently choosing to associate their new SUV with people who don’t care what others think of their appearance or how their lifestyles are perceived. In some ways, the exact opposite to most ad campaigns.

The first time I watched this advert on TV, I assumed after hearing the lyrics that the song used had been recorded especially for this ad. However, it is in fact a track called ‘Pajamas All Day’ that was released for download in October, 2016.

Pajamas All Day is performed by the American hip hop/pop duo HardNox, who consist of members Jimbo and Danny Boy.

The above #PyjamaMamas video for the New Crossland X car was posted to the Vauxhall YouTube channel on the 30th of June, 2017.

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