Vauxhall Corsa – Apple Car Play and Yes It’s A Corsa

Soundtrack details to Vauxhall’s ‘Yes It’s A Corsa – Advance Park Assist’ and ‘Apple Car Play’ TV ads.

Song Title: Be The One.

Artist/Singer: Dua Lipa.

Available To Download Now From: iTunes and Amazon.

The song you hear playing in the background of Vauxhall’s latest Corsa advert is called ‘Be The One’ and is performed by the English-Albanian singer-songwriter Dua Lipa.

Following on from her debut single ‘New Love’, Be The One is the title track of Dua Lipa’s first album, which was released for download in October, 2015.

If you wanted to be hypercritical of Vauxhall’s new Corsa advert, you might ask if it’s a good idea to be using a female driver in a commercial for the cars Advanced Park Assist feature. The line ‘Can a car make you look amazing?’ kinda suggests the actress driving wouldn’t have been capable of parking so well without the vehicles technology.

To avoid any claims of sexist stereotyping, I’m surprised Vauxhall didn’t choose a male actor for this one, or better still, show both a man and a woman benefiting from their automated parking feature. But like I said, that’s probably being hypercritical.

The 20-second ad was posted to Vauxhall’s official YouTube channel on the 1st of March, 2016.

New Apple Car Play Commercial:

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